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No One’s Here From the outside, looking in No idea where to begin Try and find a place to be Is this right for me? Creating only obstacles. Antagonize a fucking brawl Imitate what you see Violence randomly Walk away unconcerned. So, others won’t return Just another cheap shot An effort just to stop You act like a fucking spear And wonder why no ones’ here Single out the weak and small. Until you’re in an empty hall And you wonder why no one is here
Blinders 00:56
Blinders Your interests are all you see Blinders on to everything Leave behind a world of shit You don’t even think of it Just a selfish person coasting right on through Zero consideration for those around you. The loudest voice, the last word The only opinion that’s ever heard Social norms do not apply. No hinderance to your life.
Delusion 01:07
Delusion It takes a conscious decision To ignore what’s outside Dilute your brain with television To dull feeling alive This won’t get any fucking better I know it’s been said before To say things could be worse But look at what’s all around you And tell me what you think first.
Woodfox 01:04
Woodfox All of these days stuck in a cage. Alone with his thoughts. Four walls and a cot. Innocent, but still convicted. Because of your views, you’re restricted. With a voice they couldn’t stop Locked away and left to rot. Decades lost, no return. Persevere as the world turns Abusing their discretion. To teach a fucking lesson Humanity is lost Will to live is quashed To only numbers and a cost.
Divisiveness 00:58
Divisiveness Elitist. Only ones that matter Narrow minds. Only makes it sadder Closed out. Focused on the optics. Apathy. No effort to stop it. So sick of this. Divisiveness. Collective mind casualty Unable really see Total lack of empathy Unwilling to ever bend Never want to make amends Clueless to the message sent.
On Display 00:36
On Display There’s only so long you can cover your tracks At every turn there’s eyes on your back. No solution to escape this net. At this point, I’ll just submit. Accept defeat. Embrace the day. As my whole life is on display.
Obstinate 00:54
Obstinate Entertain or incite -- Reinforce that you’re right. A world view curated. -- A reality fabricated. Everything must fit your plan Outside views. Can’t understand. Disbelieve and turned blind eyes Will never stop the sands of time. Refuse to change a point of view. New information won’t matter to you. No amount of history will erase The present situation you face Pain and suffering will always be there. As you turn you back and say a prayer.
Infinite Reaper Decisions made in the heat With the expectation of defeat As the time marches on Left to wonder when I’ll be gone. Decisions made for the best Still standing with the rest “Live fast, die young”? Left to wonder where I went so wrong
Deprogram 01:13
Deprogram Strike a nerve. Create a splash. Draw them in. Invitation. Open arms. Now you’re within. Read the rules. Learn the rules. Live the rules. Love the rules. Deprogram / Erased Individual / Replaced Reprogram / Replaced Individual / Erased Cultivate and Isolate Separate to propagate.
No Compromise Entire planet localized to only what you see. Only care for like minds. Everyone must agree. Sadist at the concept of another’s plight Laughing at the idea of another’s fright. See yourself as always right. A true authority. Insulate and isolate. A false reality. When progress and open arms are seen negatively Then there’s no way you and I can see eye to eye. Never - Never! No interest in compromise. Superiority. Unable to empathize, only disagree. A fantasy of trauma should give you pause. Instead, you laugh with satisfaction. Ignoring all your flaws. See yourself as always right. A true authority. Insulate and isolate. A false reality. When progress and open arms are seen negatively Then there’s no way you and I can see eye to eye - and ever, ever agree!
Detach 00:52
Detach People will come and people will go That’s the world around you There’s barely a fucking thread Of what brought us together I can’t find a reason Not to sever I don’t need to live in the past I wish you the best, those times didn’t last I acknowledge the attempt to connect It isn’t an option that I’ll select Our history is just that It’s decades behind and not coming back People will come and people will go That is the world that’s around you People will change and people will grow You’re wasting your breath trying to change me.
Deaf Ears 01:23
Deaf Ears No contact with the outside world. Just looking for some connection. Keep reaching out for any contact. Time spent with every selection Exhaust every other outlet. Only met with rejection. Abandoned by those that can. Looking just to understand. Reaching out to anyone. Hoping just to feel human. Deaf ears. In a quest to have a voice you seek out those who have no choice. But sit and politely listen to the world that you live in. Deaf ears.
Exhibited 01:14
Exhibited Who Pulls the strings? Who calls the shots? Who’s behind the scenes? Whose opinion is bought? A daily life in paradise for all to see Try to be so perfect. The goal is envy Build yourself up. Become an idol. Influencer. Entitled. Perfect shot. A product placed. Reality or just charade. A daily life on display that’s set to expire A new face comes along. Forced to retire. Who’s next in line? Who calls the shots? Who gives a shit? There’s always a price. And you, you’ll fucking pay it.
Counterattack I can’t do a thing without your second guess. No matter what it is, you always take offense. You always think you’re under attack So, you choose to sabotage. Counterattack Under a guise of helping, you interject. Your self-interests you protect. You think you’re a victim at every turn. Because you seek out bridges to burn. A sad existence you lead. Only involvement is to heed Everyone’s against you in your eyes. Every move made you scrutinize
Substitutions Not one single way. Opinions are vast. So many voices different from the last. There are pieces that can’t be left out. It shouldn’t be a place for stepping on those around you to get ahead. Not a stop on the road to success, fame, and glory. You can’t remove your own effect The things you do to make it work. Following the recipe of someone else. Expecting the outcome for yourself.
Algiers Point A disaster laid the cover to roll out martial law. Cosplay as a hero. Instead, you maim. Instead, you hunt. Instead, you kill. No one was the wiser. Viewed in high regard. No investigation. How many hurt? How many scarred? How many dead? A dark spot in history. A story never said. You seized on opportunity to leave some innocent dead.
Last Word // Last Act So many people come and go. It can’t be avoided. Some make it a better place and some just destroy it. Last word. Last Act. You can change that. Last word. Last Act. Or just let it pass. Left with regret of things that were left unsaid. Watch those around you mourn a friend who’s now dead. Life and death have always been a bit intertwined. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t always on my mind. Is this something that should make me feel guilt? My life has crashed and burned and still got rebuilt. I can’t change how I’m wired or the thoughts I have. Only to just wait them out until they pass. Find a distraction. Take your thoughts away. No reaction. Just to face the day. Perseverance. Numb to everything. Decades later. I’m still the same.


released December 2, 2022

Dave - vocals
Brian - guitar
Tobia - bass
Moses - drums


all rights reserved



PLANET ON A CHAIN Oakland, California

Oakland, CA
Austin, TX

photo: Rob Coons

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